Hitch – 2010

Ausdreaming is a small kennel situated in Somerville. We bought our first Aussie in 2005. Mazasuka Karnack (Hitch) was a blue merle and he was every thing that we believed that the breed should be, intelligent, good temperament, strong instincts and a great on/off switch. When our poodle of 14 years was starting to feel his age, we knew that we would like another dog that would compliment our lifestyle. Debra is the nerdy type who thinks that a good day is a day spent on the computer or reading a book, whereas Martin likes to be active and doing things.

We spent a year researching all of the breeds to find if we could come up with a good match for both of us…

Once we decided that an Aussie was the dog for us, we surfed the internet looking at different breeders in Australia and all over the world, asking questions, sometimes with good results and other times with a cold silence. We disregarded the breeders who made us feel uncomfortable and worked with the breeders who offered advice and spoke openly about the breed and their dogs.

We made contact with Kate from Rozate , who we found to be very well informed and also willing to share her knowledge with us. We were put on a waiting list and within 6 months we were bringing our first Aussie, a Blue Merle boy named Hitch home. The Journey had begun.

It is commonly known that once you have one Aussie, within a couple of years you will adopt another Aussie. Because we believe so strongly in this breed, we decided to adopt another Aussie, and in 2009 we imported Ausdreaming Daniels Rose OWildvine (Rosie) to Australia. Rosie was not from show stock, but rather had a very strong herding lineage. Hitch and Rosie gave us a beautiful litter. We were fortunate to keep a girl from this litter, Bella. Unfortunately both mum and dad are now deceased.

We adopted Mazasuka Last Roll of the Dice (Gypsy) in 2011. Gypsy is a friendly, loving and self sufficient Aussie. We have had one litter from Gypsy, and we were fortunate to keep a girl from this litter, Ausdreaming Allirea (Patch). Then Gypsy had another litter from which we kept 2 girls. One is Rosie and one is Rodie (long story)

We finally added a male to the family in May 2016. Declan is a magnificent specimen of the breed.