Rosie - 2010

Rosie was the foundation of our Kennel. We picked Rosie for this formidable job after looking at the availability of different females for Hitch in the Australasian market. Most dogs including Hitch are direct descendants of the Flintridge line of dogs. These are magnificent looking dogs but predominantly today are bred for their looks rather than their natural instincts. It was our aim to find a dog that would increase the gene pool in Australia but also hopefully increase the breed in Australia’s natural herding instinct. With Rosie we think that we may have achieved this. She has wonderful structure and moves like a dream. Like all Working Australian Shepherds she is reserved with strangers and is definitely a one person dog. She has a good on/off switch and  shows good signs of heading and heeling.

Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree

Pedigree of: Ausdreaming Daniels Rose Owildvine
Sex F Reg No. DN21774705
Date of Birth 5/12/2008 Breed Australian Shepherd
Owner Ausdreaming Breeder Cynthia Clark
Colour & Markings Red c/w Call Name Rosie
Comments Rosie has had all health checks including clear of Hereditary cataracts,eyes clear, MDR1 Mutant/Normal

Hips Tested 4:3

Elbows 0:0

Wildvines Bad N Blue Windsor BadBoy WTCH Hangin Tree Black Bear RD Hangin Tree Buddy Ericsson Vaquero
Ericsson Cowgirl
Zephyr Angel Blue RDX WTCH Las Rocosa Merlin Hart CD RDX ATDh
Zephyr Midnight Blue
Silver Sliver of Windsor Highlander of Windsor Token of Windsor
Sand Ridge Satina
Suertes Image of Arrogance ASCA Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd
Aladdin Beaucoup Bucks
Wildvine Elegant Affair Lakespring Justa Reignbow CD ASCA Ch Taisho The Hottest Ever of Rosewood ASCA Ch Some Like It Hot of Adelaide
ASCA Ch Dynamite Dazzle of Starcross CDX
Sudden Reinbow of Copper Creek ASCA Ch Silver Streak of Windermere
Copper Creek Scarlett Ribbons
Lakespring Brandy O Wildheart Summertime Crimson Sky O Rosewood ASCA Ch Summertime Special Effects
ASCA Am Ch Summertime Tropical Storm
Adelaide Raspberry Fizz ASCA Ch Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD
ASCA Ch Somercrest Sassy Lassy
Starstuffs Wild Card Rising Sun Qwik Draw Hangin Tree Dude Hangin Tree Spook WTCH Hangin Tree Workin Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
Hangin Tree Roja WTCH Hangin Tree Workin Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
WTCH Pincie Creek Cherry Sota RTDsc WTCH Hangin Tree Blue Bear CD RD RTDsc WTCH Hangin Tree Black Bear RD
Hangin Tree Cinnamon Teal OTDdsc
Ricinda Reba of Pincie Creek Hangin Tree Partner
Slash V Cherry Cola
Starstuffs Winning Play STDcsd Hangin Tree Dude Hangin Tree Spook WTCH Hangin Tree Workin Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
Hangin Tree Roja WTCH Hangin Tree Workin Blue RDX
Slash V Cherry Cola
WTCH Starstuffs Ruby ASCA Ch Casa Buena Cadillac Jack OTDds STDc WTCH Powder River Motown Slick
WTCH Las Rocosa Poco Lena ATDsc
Starstuffs Pecan Sandie ASCA Ch Manchado Crazy Horse CDX STDc OTDds
Sleepy Creek Little Blue Lace

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Rosie is three parts Hanging Tree lines and one part Rosewood lines which goes back to the Flintridge lines. So she is 3 parts working and one part show lines. Rosie’s sire is Daniel (Wildvine Bad N Blue (www.wildvineaussies.com) and her Dam is Starstuffs Winning Card ( http.//memebers.cybertrails.com/~Windsor/Badger.htm). Her Great Grand Father is Hall of Fame – Hangin Tree Black Bear who is recognised as being probably the best Working Aussie that has ever been. For information on Black Bear click here:- www.adastra.com/Australian shepherds/Relatives/Bear/tabid/72/Default.aspx

Rosie - 2010